Through my work I have met people from all walks of life and although my job description isn’t directly related to PR industry, Helen has open a whole new world for me and made me feel special by having enough trust for me to welcome and entertain her VIP press trips to assisting in her PR projects on site. 

Her personable approach to all of us in our hotel, the smile that shows on peoples faces whenever her names comes up in discussions, clearly indicates her high integrity and human values. 
Since about 4 years that our General Manager enlisted her services, the results soon showed: Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort become a destination and number 1 choice for many of our guests from UK. 

I’ve also noticed that Helen’s added value is in WHO she knows in press, media and other segments of business related field and how they’ve helped our business strategy and marketing.

Passionate, genuine sincerety, strong work ethics, with a great sense of humor – to name but a few of Helen’s many positive traits. In my own view and experience with other PR related encounters in my past, Helen is one of the best out there!