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“Do you want to get noticed, achieve national media coverage and build your brand?  Call the marketing and PR experts at Affinity PR.”
"Affinity PR builds reputable brands and valuable business relationships through promotions, press, TV, events, networking, copywriting, partnerships and sponsorships..."
"We consider Affinity PR to be a vital element of our overall UK marketing mix, fast-tracking unusual opportunities"
Kiran Kumar, former Director of PR & Marketing at Le Meridien Al Aqah
"We would highly recommend her and her company, Affinity PR, to anyone seeking a first class PR agency"
Hazel Gadsden, owner of Christmas Hall
"I have had the pleasure of working closely with Affinity PR during the past eight months, and simply could not be more pleased with their highly professional approach"
Arne Sivis General Manager, Al Maha a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa
"Aqua Eight went on to achieve national awards success within a year of Affinity PR coming on board"
Patrick Cheung, co-owner of Aqua Eight
"Helen came highly recommended by other professionals for her knowledge of consumer marketing and 5* customer service"
Simon Smith, owner of Edge Hairdressing

Our philosophy


What do our clients like about working with us? 
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Affinity PR is outstanding. Clients say we stand out (in a good way) because of our hands-on, positive and pragmatic “can do” attitude. Check out our clients page to see how we´ve helped them and what they like about working with us.

Integrity is guaranteed. Your trade secrets and contacts are completely safe with us. Respecting commercial confidentiality, loyalty and professional boundaries,  Affinity PR can be your trusted ambassadors and represent your brands with poise. Neither do we represent your direct competitors, so there is no potential for conflict of interest.

We don´t air kiss (except with a keen sense of irony). So please take it that any cheerful “enthusiasm” displayed at work may therefore be construed as genuine commitment to doing a good job for you. You’ll find us professional and “can-do” in attitude, always.

We´re not in the media often. What?!  Affinity PR’s priority is ensuring that you get all that media attention and spotlight. We’ll help you to maximise your publicity opportunities and offer media training so you are prepared for being your organisation’s spokesperson.

Valuable referrals cost nothing. Nada. Rien. Our networks are extremely wide and you can count on Affinity PR to refer you to the right expert. We don’t take agency kickbacks from publishers or media agencies looking for your business.  Looking after your best interests and pricing is what counts. We hear it´s an unconventional business approach, but it helps us to sleep at night.

We’re flexible in offering both “fixed fee” or monthly retainers. The benefits of each will be explained so you can choose exactly what´s right for you. Even if you have a modest or one-off budget for a particular project, don´t let that put you off calling us. We always give a free ½ hour consultation plus we have been known to work wonders with modest budgets and very creative thinking.

We’re not geeky about stats, but we do measure every aspect of our work performance.  Anyone who tells you PR is a “fluffy” marketing discipline is out of touch! Good PR isn’t only about column inches, readership and opening/click-through stats.  Sometimes it’s about strategic networking, opening new doors or partnerships for you that work wonders for your business. A word from us in the ear of someone close to your ideal customer or business hero could mean you find yourself sitting next to them at an important sector event! With every client we invest time at the start of our working relationship to understand all we can about your industry and business objectives (including your Wish List of ideal customers or people to meet). Then we set to work on finding the optimum mix of traditional and digital marketing opportunities that will maximise your publicity and business outcomes.

The size and sector of your business doesn´t matter. It´s where you´re heading that really counts. We´ve worked with huge brands and tiny startups across many different sectors. If you want a professional and viable PR and marketing strategy or national media exposure, Affinity PR is the agency to help. Call us for a no-obligation chat.

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