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Editorial & expert comment


Editorial & Expert Comment – finding and placing editorial features, media interviews & speaking engagement opportunities.

Did you know that only approximately 40% of all media content is “advertorial” (i.e. paid-for space)? Which means that the remaining 60% or so is free editorial content, including promotions.

We find free editorial opportunities for our clients by placing content that is topical, newsworthy and relevant to that particular target audience. We make it easy for editors and producers to select our clients’ content as we even write our proposals in the house style of that publication or programme.

The perceived value of editorial is higher than for advertorial because readers or users see your brand as being endorsed by the publication or programme in which it appears. There´s a huge difference in perceived value between content that shouts “We like this product, service or brand!”, compared with “Here´s some advertising”.

Sometimes the best way to reach your sector influencers are by being seen and heard in the right places. Often that means, literally, speaking about yourself or your business. We find trade and consumer-sector interviews and speaker engagements for you, helping you to prepare so that you can enjoy the experience and maximise every business opportunity.