Affinity PR’s new look and website will be launched this month. It has felt like a proper labour of love (in fact, babies have taken less time to be born, go to school and start bringing unsuitable boys and girls home).

Affinity PR always was more “tortoise” than “hare” in temperament and business values.  The pressures of daily business life (usually a print or copy deadline in our case) won’t make us buckle, but we’d so much rather put in place all the research, planning and measurements to ensure we can steadily cross the right finishing line without gasping. Our job is to make business life much easier for our clients.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll see here a steady stream of new postings from Helen Oldfield, Director and founder of Affinity PR.  She’ll be talking you through some of the main marketing and reputation management decisions you may need to take in your career, along with some news, case study examples and PR tips.

Hope you will enjoy learning more about life at Affinity PR.  We build brands and business relationships.