Considering Affinity PR is in the business of spreading the love about others, we have to admit we’ve sometimes been a little bit lax on telling the world about our own business successes.  Too busy just getting on with it and delivering “wow” moments for our clients.

So, with only slightly pink ears, here is our announcement that Affinity PR recently won a Top 5 place in the annual Awards of to find the most loved businesses in the UK.  Affinity PR is, officially, “One of the Most Loved PR and Marketing Businesses in the UK”.

There. That wasn’t so bad, was it?

While on the subject of national Awards, our view is that they are “PR Gold Dust”. Publicising your Awards is a great way to differentiate yourself from your competitors whilst showcasing your expertise.

Normally we help our clients to apply for national Awards run by relevant magazines, newspapers and trade associations.  It can be quite  time-consuming to provide sufficient evidence and a compelling written case that strikes the right tone.  So when we heard we’d been nominated by nearly 30+ satisfied clients who had all made the effort to provide detailed testimonials in support of our nomination, such generosity made us appreciate this Award all the more.